Are You A Corporate Zombie – Part 2

3.  Worshiping the false idol of Information Technology  

Technology has improved our lives in many ways.  When taken to an extreme this important cost benefit advantages not only disappears but comes back to bite us.  Web apps, VPN connections and virtual machines all can make our lives easier and more connected for sure, it’s when every problem has to have a technical solution become the problem.    

If your IT department is investing months to automate a manual process that takes 10 minutes a week… If after 45 minutes on the phone with the helpdesk they tell you to reboot… might be a zombie.   

4.  Risk Management as process without a point  

At its core business is about risk.  Any hardnosed businessman is always analyzing the upside and the downside of any course of action.  Modern management techniques and fads have unfortunately led to Risk Management as a process without a point.   

Mindless zombies are cataloging, tabulating and scoring risks without a decision point in sight.  When asked what they are doing they may frantically stammer, “I’m …I’m…saving the company!” 

Humans understand what objectives they need to achieve, what’s threatening the objectives and how to overcome the obstacles.   

5.  Politics takes over the company   

All organizations have internal politics.  It’s simply unavoidable.  At its heart politics is about the organization’s decision making process.  Who makes the decisions, who ignores them and how they are carried out.  Some internal jockeying can be positive as it can ensure that ideas are vetted and not blindly implemented.   

Human companies keep a lid on internal politics and do not let them get out of control.  A zombie company’s management perpetually schemes on how to do one another in, a terrible quarter at a key business unit is cause for celebration at the other units and company parties are occasions to goad the competing managers into making fools of themselves.   

The business is but a secondary concern.   

I stopped playing football after my freshman year, maybe it was not for me or perhaps it was tiring to watch Harry’s sickly smile as he ran up the middle repeatedly.  Come to think of it..Harry would have made a great zombie CEO……



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Michael Bechara, CPA

Managing Director
Granite Consulting Group Inc.




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