E117: Microsoft takes a big step forward in their acquisition of Activision Blizzard.
E116: The drama between Microsoft and Sony continues to unfold.
E115: A recap of all the game showcases from last week.
E114: An update on the state of Square Enix today.

February 2023

E113: PlayStation State of Play recap and Microsoft ABK merger update.
E112: Embracer Group has 224 game projects in the pipeline.
E111: Apex Legends: Revelry Updates and Nintendo Direct Announcements.
E110: Electronic Arts had a troubling week of announcements.

January 2023

E109: Everything from the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct showcase.
E108: Microsoft has initiated more than 10,000 layoffs across all their business lines.
E107: Ubisoft is struggling and Xbox announced a new game showcase.
E106: Starting 2023 with some big Star Wars and The Last of Us news.